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Jiri at His Best

Jiri Borkovec has never looked better than in the new galleries on CzechYoungMuscle. The photos were taken some days before this year's Musclemania.

You find Jiri and all his buddies on CzechYoungMuscle.

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Jeffrey Beck's Exclusive 2008 Calendar

On the photo above Jeffrey Beck is posing for Allamericanguys. Now the young, popular bodybuilder has produced his own calendar for 2008 with brand new high quality photos of him. Everytime when new images of Jeffrey appear, you think the muscle hunk has never looked better. This is also true for the calendar. And there're even more reasons for Jeffrey's fans to order it: The photos of the calendar won't be posted on the net. Neither on Jeffrey's website nor anywhere else. Moreover the limited edition calendar will not be sold after December 31st.

Here you see some of the photos in lower quality than on the calendar:

The Jeffrey Beck 2008 Calendar costs $24.99 including shipping. You can order it here.

Visit Jeffrey's website:

You find many high quality photos and videos with Jeffrey Beck on Allamericanguys.

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Jiri: The Big Athlete

The site is proud of its super star Jiri Borkovec and enjoys showing it: Now four shootings with the Czech bodybuilder are posted, each of them with about 35 high quality photos. The shootings took place some days before this year's Musclemania. That's why they show Jiri at his best.

Moreover Jiri is posing and flexing in several exciting videos. Get an impression:

You find Jiri Borkovec on Athletic-Men and on his Athletic fansite
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Ray Update

The clouds are hiding when Ray is flexing and showing his progress in front of the sky:

Ray's blog:

Michael Ayres at the Musclemania 2007 - Part 2

You find several high quality DVDs with Michael Ayres and many more star bodybuilders on Repetrope.


Sa Grace Award d'Excellence

Dear visitors,

it's that time of the year again when nominations are open for the "Sa Grace Award d' Excellence".

Before Workout Inspiration can be entered, it must win the nomination. So if you wish to nominate Workout Inspiration, click here. Then click on the main screen of the website. On the 2nd screen you can nominate on the right side.

Here's the link once more: Sa Grace Award d' Excellence

You'll need to enter your name, e-mail address, the site name (Workout Inspiration - thanks!) and the URL (

Nominations are accepted until 3 December 2007. Meanwhile I'm doing my very best to present you more amazing and motivating fitness hunks, and to make this site even better.

Thank you,
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Michael Ayres at the Muslemania 2007 - Part 1

Michael's fans admire his perfect proportions, his amazing mass he builds up for a contest, especially his massive arms, pecs and legs, and - his winning smile.

You find several high quality DVDs with Michael Ayres and many more star bodybuilders on Repetrope.

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Natural & Big: Brandon Bass

Most people know handsome Brandon Bass from his amazing shots for Now the 21-year-old muscle hunk is also part of the Allamericanguys family. Brandon comes from Texas. He's a champion natural bodybuilder and aspiring fitness model. Brandon hopes to go a long way in the sport of bodybuilding, all the while staying natural. He enjoys all types of sports and is currently finishing college. Brandon is a certified personal trainer.

Brandon's major stats: Height: 5'11; Weight: 185

Allamericanguys has just posted a big number of high-quality photos and the first videos with Brandon. You find them here.

Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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