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New Czech Model: Lukas F

This man is strong. Lukas simply loves fitness and bodybuilding. The 22-year-old new model boy from CzechYoungMuscle is no competive bodybuilder, but his physique is not less impressive than those of his buddies who participate at contests. Besides bodybuilding Lukas also likes bicycling and boxing.

CzechYoungMuscle is just posting the first high-quality galleries and videos with the young muscle man. Watch Lukas' promo video:

Many high-quality galleries and videos with Lukas F on CzechYoungMuscle

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Taylor: Bodybuilding and Modeling Can Go Hand in Hand

"I think my left biceps is bigger. About 17 inches right now. But the right one is not too much smaller." Taylor, the new 20-year-old model boy from Allamericanguys, is proud of his muscular arms. He usually begins his biceps workout with barbell curls, followed by hammer curls which train the inner and outer biceps.

Taylor is from Austin, Texas. He got into bodybuilding basically about three years ago. "I started lifting weights in high school to get stronger for baseball. I was a baseball player for a long time. I think I fell in love with lifting weights during that period. So I picked up bodybuilding. I joined my local gym. From that day on I got pretty much addicted to it." Taylor recently did his first bodybuilding show in Austin, where he participated in the collegiate division.

Now he's preparing for bodybuilding contests. "I think bodybuilding and modeling can go hand in hand. Bodybuilding can help you in the modeling job with the requirements that it has: being in shape, eat right, keep on your diet and exercise all the time."

When he's not at school or working out, Taylor likes to fish and hunt: "I have my own boat. I often go out on the water with a couple of buddies and spend several hours there hanging out."

Taylor a college student. "I'm majoring in mechanical engineering. I should finish up within the next two years. That's my plan." When he graduates, Taylor hopes to get a job in the mechanical engineering field. "I want to stay active. I don't want to just become a desk jockey and a couch potatoe. Being active is a big part of my life."

Surprise: Taylor is single. As far as girls he likes "an open personality, a girl that smiles a lot, has fun, laughs at my dumb jokes. I like an athletic type, being athletic myself. I think that makes a good pair."

And Taylor explains his personality: "Once I start something I like to be the best at it, which can be a good thing, but it can also be bad, because if you have a million things going on, and once you're trying to be the best, it's just not gonna happen. And you just worry." This is Taylor from Allamericanguys: a beautiful, young man, who lives for his dreams and visions, being aware of his limits anyway. It's not only his biceps that is pretty impressive.

Many high-quality photos and videos with Taylor now on Allamericanguys

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Gregory Capra Explains Beach Workout

Last week Gregory Capra was in a TV show on the French channel Direct 8. The 22-year-old personal trainer and model was asked what exercises you can do at the beach. In the show Gregory performed push-ups and gave a lot of professional advice regarding fitness. The video below is in French. However you can easily understand without speaking French, that the two girls are mad about handsome Gregory, and that the host realizes that he's no match for the well-trained model boy.

Gregory Capra's fitness site:

Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams
The best model boys: Allamericanguys

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Brian Whitacre on Stage

In the following two videos you see young muscle man Bryan Whitacre performing in a bodybuilding show:

Part 1

Part 2

Photo copyright

Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams

The best model boys: Allamericanguys

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Fitness Cover Model Matthew Born

Who's this eye-catcher on the current cover of the big fitness magazine "Exercise for Men Only"? His name is Matthew Born. He's 22 years old, Canadian, from Saskatoon. The man seems to have the right workout routine. Matthew is studying civil engineering at New Jersey's Farleigh Dickinson University. A young muscle man who's training both his body and his brain.

"Exercise for men only" is on newstand now.
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Gregory Capra Talks about Workout on TV

In less than 48 hours you can watch Gregory Capra, the French personal trainer and model, on channel DIRECT 8. On Wednesday July 18, 6:20PM, Gregory will be in a show where he'll talk about fitness and workout. Even if you don't live in France, you can watch DIRECT 8 live on the internet on

Gregory's fitness site:
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Shane Giese Explains Bodybuilding

In the video below young bodybuilder Shane Giese talks about workout and performs some of his most successful exercises together with one of his buddies:

You find photos and DVDs with Shane Giese on Repetrope.
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Cuban Muscles: Santiago

"Hello, my name is Santi. I'm 18 years old, and I'm Cuban." This is how Santiago introduces himself in his first interview on Allamericanguys. "I'm a beginner", the young muscle hunk says when talking about modeling. He joined a contest of Allamericanguys, and won, although he felt very intimidated against the competition, he says.

He'll start college soon, and focus more on school then. "And I'll focus more on my artistic aspects. I'm very much into drawing. And I'm much into drama. All through high school I was in drama, tv production and acting."

His major in college is going to be mechanical engineering. "I'm very technical. My favorite subject is math. I like working on cars, taking things apart, putting them together, and see how they work." After college Santiago wants to go to a technical school. He plans to pursue a career in the car industry.

Santiago describes himself as very spontaneous and very outgoing. He likes hanging out with his friends. Most of his time he spends playing ice-hockey. Santiago has been playing for ten years. This and regular workout make a body you can see on these shots here.

Many high-quality photos and videos with Santiago on Allamericanguys.

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Ray Update

His fans are excited whenever Ray publishes new photos which show his progress. Here are his latest shots:

Ray's blog:
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Muscle Universe Weekend Review

By Anthony Church, Special Allamericanguys Correspondant
New on AAG: Bryan T

Muscle Universe Weekend in Miami (June 22-24) is the biggest natural bodybuilding and fitness modeling expo and competition in the United States. Whether you come for the Fitness Universe Pageant, Model Universe Championships, Ms. Bikini Universe, Figure Universe or Muscle Mania this event is unmatched in the industry when it comes to competition and exposure.

Muscle Mania:

I have been to bodybuilding shows all over the country and competed in many. I can tell you that there are not many shows where such great competition and talent all end up underneath one roof. Just about every competitor that was on stage definitely looked like they belonged there. The competition was stiff and the posing routines during the finals were intense bringing a great atmosphere to the final evening. From splits to back flips to heading offstage into the audience for some flexes, and even pushups on the edge of the stage to rap artist Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” there was enough energy in the room to make the Energizer Bunny look like Eeyore the Donkey.

Congrats to the first place finishers: Alvin Viernes (Junior Short), Jiri Borkovec (Junior Tall), Tuan Tran (Novice Lightweight), Lazo Freeman (Novice Heavyweight), Jeffrey Backham (Professional), Ronald Miranda (Lightweight), Cleveland Thomas (Middleweight), David Lovelace (Light Heavyweight), and Kevin Bribbin (Heavyweight).

New on AAG, an exclusive featuring European powerhouse bodybuilder, Jiri

Model Universe:

Blue Steal? Magnum? Le Tigre? Derek Zoolander’s versatility would have been no match for the versatility seen by the male model contestants at Model Universe. Each contestant brought different looks to the runway as they modeled in the Sportswear, Clubwear, and Swimwear. The male modeling division of this weekend ran smooth, albeit a little long. The late night, however, did not seem to phase the models who kept fun, relaxed, and pleasant looks on their faces even as some of their carb depleted bodies inwardly cried out for sustenance. The sheer joy of competition seemed to be nourishment enough.

The Top 5 Place Finishers in the Miami Men’s Model Universe and their overall score were:

Tommy Bryant 69.00
Jeremy Williamson 67.33
Thomas Clavier 66.33
Tim Taylor 65.33
Damian Mlakar 64.33

New on AAG: Tom

Friendship Universe:

As I walked around the event interviewing athletes before and after they went on stage one thing in particular lingered in the air. There was a comforting and powerful sense of companionship and camaraderie amongst the competitors and contestants. Competitors joked with each other and told stories before they went out to compete against one another while others helped with advice or just a friendly smile. In all, the atmosphere was pleasant and the show was run smoothly. Many friendships were formed, business contacts made, and dreams fulfilled. To all of those who participated in the competitions that weekend, I wish you continued success and non-stop pursuit of your dreams. To those who did not participate or feel they are not competition worthy, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let’s see you there next year!

Hundreds of high-quality photos and videos on Allamericanguys

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Marcel: Biceps Curls

Marcel from Vistavideo is admired most for his biceps. Here you see him doing biceps curls:

Many new workout and behind-the-scenes videos with Marcel and his buddies on

Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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