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Jan Jankovic: European Champion

Jan is 21 years old. 2007 has been his most successful season: Champion of the Czech Republic and Europe Champion (class junior fitness). CzechYoungMuscle presents new galleries and videos with the young, popular bodybuilder. See the promo video below the photo.

Promo video:
Many new high-quality photos and videos with Jan Jankovic on CzechYoungMuscle
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Jiri Borkovec Wins Two Titles at Musclemania Universe

Jiri has succeeded in Miami: The Czech bodybuilder won the Musclemania Junior Tall class and the Junior Overall. To his Yahoo fan group Jiri:

Hi my fans!!
Thank u all for your congatulations!!! Im soooo happy I won My division and overall as well. All that hard work and dieting worth it!!! I beated 45 lbs heavier guys than me. They looked freaky but...I bet to my symetry and best shape. Big body is not everything like u saw at universe. I wanna thank all people who helped me and supported me in my way to Musclemania Universe.

Athletic-Men has posted a series of new wallpapers (see above) shot shortly before Jiri's departure to Miami. Get big Jiri on Athletic-Men!
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Jiri Borkovec: Big in Miami

His fans cross their fingers for their idol, while Jiri Borkovec is competing im Miami. CzechYoungMuscle has now posted more galleries and workout videos of the bodybuilder shot shortly before his departure to Miami. And the footage shows: Jiri has never been so big.

New high-quality photos and videos with Jiri on CzechYoungMuscle

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DVD Review: Jeffrey Beck's Workout

Nothing worse can happen to a young bodybuilder like Jeffrey Beck than this scene: Jeff's mom appears in the gym and brings her son the protein shake he left at home. Finally she gives her "baby" a kiss on his cheek. The other gym guys are watching, and Jeffrey is embarrassed.

This is only one of several funny scenes on Jeffrey Beck's total body workout DVD Me, Myself, and Irony. On the DVD the 26-year-old fitness model and personal trainer shows and explains his favorite and most successful exercises, such as bench press, pull ups, clean & press, squat/lunge, calf raises, deadlift, and many more. The DVD has both: fun and professional information. Jeffrey is the man who succeeds in combining both.

Jeffrey is an entertainer, a showman. When speaking he's actually talking with the viewer. He needs no script, and there're no cuts during his explanations. He always comes to the point. His slapstick is perfectly timed.

You soon get the feeling that you profit from the DVD: from his description of the way he's doing the exercises, from his instructions to avoid damage, from his profound knowledge. Example: In every exercise he squeezes the muscle very hard at the top of the movement "to stimulate as much muscle fibres as possible. Feeling the burn is the key in all exercises, because if you're not feeling the burn, you're not building muscle or defining it."

Jeffrey reveals several of his workout secrets. He trains his abs doing crunches on the resistance ball which is good for all muscle parts: the lower, middle and upper abs. On the photos above you see him demonstrating three different forms of standing bicep curls to train inner biceps, outer biceps and forearms in one exercise. A very useful element on the DVD: For each exercise Jeffrey tells you the optimum number of sets and repetitions, always both for size and for definition (photos below). You can instantly adapt your workout routine.

Finally there's this little masterpiece of workout-comedy, or comedy-workout, which should win an Emmy. It's Jeff's explanation of rope pull downs: "I always treat my tricep workouts the same way my ex-girlfriend treated me." After this introduction he compares what should have been a romantic evening with his girlfriend, to his way of performing rope pull downs. An ingenious, very funny act. At least two Emmys for it!

In the extras of the DVD you find wonderful home video footage filmed by Richard Rossan who has already photographed the most popular young bodybuilders. You get to see private Jeffrey posing, flexing, pumping up at shootings, and doing martial arts, playing basketball and frisbee just for fun.

On the DVD Jeffrey does over a dozen exercises, and he makes over 100 grimaces. This is the special quality of the DVD, especially for our time with much vanity and pursuit of beauty everywhere: Jeff obviously enjoys to build up an impressive physique and to look great, but he could probably do without it. He loves to laugh about himself. His appeal is: Yes guys, hit the iron, feel the burn, build big muscles - but don't take it too seriously. A great message from a young guy. But who wonders - the man has a great mom.

You find Jeffrey's DVD Me, Myself, and Irony on his website:

Check out Jeffrey's two Yahoo groups:
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Jiri, the New Athletic-Star

Jiri Borkovec everywhere: Athletic-Men visited the bodybuilder two days before his departure to Miami. Now the site proudly presents amazing footage with Jiri: a series of new high-quality photos, an outstanding workout video shot during the bodybuilding championship in Ostrava (Czech Republic), and a special video in which the young muscle man poses and flexes at the athletics stadium in Prague. In the following trailer you get to see the highlights of all that, the highlights of Jiri Borkovec on Athletic-Men:

More shots from the athletics stadium in Prague on 101 BOYS
Check out Jiri showing off on Athletic-Men


The Biggest Jiri Ever

Jiri Borkovec is bigger than ever and has just arrived in Miami for competing. Now CzechYoungMuscle is posting new outstanding galleries and videos with the popular, young bodybuilder. See Jiri's new promo video for CYM and - though it may be hard - trust your eyes:

Your way to Jiri's new, big physique: CzechYoungMuscle

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Jiri Borkovec: Strong for Miami

Jiri Borkovec posed for the cameras of CzechYoungMuscle one day before his departure to the US where he'll be on the line-up of Universe Weekend in Miami.
See another great shot on 101 BOYS
You get the complete gallery on CzechYoungMuscle
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Universe Weekend Miami 2007

Over 400 competitors are expected to compete at the Universe Weekend in Miami, Florida on June 22-23. Here you see some of the most popular male athletes in the division "Model, Fitness, Figure & Musclemania Open":

Bradly, California, Muscle & Brandon, Texas, Muscle

Alex, Romania, Model & Ronald, Florida, Model

Chris, Texas, Muscle & Jacob, Delaware, Muscle

Alvin, Hawaii, Muscle & Bill, New York, Model

Jason, Illinois, Muscle & Jakub, Czech Republic, Model

All competitors on:

Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys

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Sean Harley: Biceps Exercise

The first seconds of this video are bad, but as soon as fitness model Sean Harley appears and begins to work out his biceps, everything is great: both the picture and Sean's biceps.


Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys

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Sean Harley: Chest Workout

Fitness model Sean Harley shows you a simple yet effective workout to shape both the inner and outer pec muscles. Click on the video:


Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys


Musclemania Pump Room (2)

More impressions from the Repetrope DVDs "2006 Musclemania World Championships Men's Pump Room" (Part 1 & 2):

Bradly Castleberry

Larry Camacho

Alvin Viernes

Chris Darby

Ivano DiFrancesco

You find the complete DVD on Repetrope.
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Ray's Progress

The young, popular bodybuilder is posing shortly after a contest:

Jiri Borkovec & friends: CzechYoungMuscle
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys

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Musclemania Pump Room (1)

Impressions from the Repetrope DVDs "2006 Musclemania World Championships Men's Pump Room" (Part 1 & 2). Enjoy the stars:
Bradly Castleberry

Alvin Viernes

Ivano DiFrancesco

Larry Camacho

Chris Darby

You find the complete DVD on Repetrope.

Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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