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Ray Launches Blog

His fans will be happy: Ray has his own blog now. On MuscleRay the young bodybuilder posts his latest photos and videos showing him working out, posing, and flexing. On the top of his blog Ray writes: "Bodybuilding is my passion and I love to show it." Thanks God!

In the following video you see Ray's free posing at a contest:

Ray's blog:

Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys

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A Gymnast's Training

Usually we see gymnasts at contests performing their extraordinary exercises. Here is a video showing a gymnast's (David Durante) training. Therefore this workout differs a bit from what you are used to here on WI, but I promis it's surely not less impressive:

Shane Giese & the greatest bodybuilders: Repetrope
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys
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Marcel at Muscle Beach

In a series of new videos on Vistavideo Marcel can be watched working out at famous Muscle Beach California where all great bodybuilders meet:

Bench press

Preacher curl

Hundreds of videos and photos with Marcel and his buddies on Vistavideo
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Ray Update

The bigger the better: In his latest video Ray is flexing after pumping up in the gym.

Tyler Southwick's webcam: GuysWithCams
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys


Shane Holiday on Stage

Shane Holiday is champion bodybuilder, having won both the NPC Max Muscles and Muscle Mania in the teen division, both in 2005. He's one of the most popular models of Allamericanguys.

In the following video the young muscle man is performing his posing routine at a contest. Shane, the music is playing just for you now!

The entire DVD on Repetrope/USAMuscle

Many high-quality photos and videos with Shane on Allamericanguys

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Paul Harvey

A look back to the 90's, when Paul Harvey was one of the most popular teen bodybuilders. His success may impress workout enthusiasts still now. Three videos with Paul Harvey to motivate them:

Paul Harvey at the age of 17, posing on stage

Profile of Paul

Paul posing backstage

Tyler Southwick's webcam on: GuysWithCams
The hottest model boys: AllamericanGuys

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Ray Update

His fans are getting mad whenever he publishes some new photos of him and his body. In fact Ray again succeeds in presenting us some progress in getting bigger and staying esthetic and well-defined nevertheless. We still hope that he'll tell us some details and secrets of his intense workout someday.

The greatest bodybuilders: Repetrope
The best model boys: AllamericanGuys

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Shane Giese: All Angles (4)

Some more impressions from Shane Giese's DVD from Repetrope:

You find Shane Giese's DVD "All Angles" on Repetrope.
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Return of Frantisek Huf

Do you remember Frantisek Huf? He has been one of the first and one of the most wanted models of CzechYoungMuscle. Now the Junior World Champion in bodybuilding is back: bigger and better than ever.

Frantisek is back on stage: Only two weeks ago he achieved a fantastic third place at the Europe Men's Bodybuilding Championship in the city of Baku (Azerbaijan).

And he's back on CzechYoungMuscle: A big number of new, exclusive photo shootings and videos, even two sets of nude shots, have just been posted.

First compare his outstanding physiqual development from the beginning of CzechYoungMuscle...
...up to now:
And now see Frantisek's preview video for the site:

Many high-quality photos and videos on CzechYoungMuscle
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Tyler L: Big, Symmetrical Chest

Tyler L, one of the young hunks from the "New Breed" on Allamericanguys, trains each muscle group one day a week. The 21-year-old fitness model begins his chest workout with cable cross-overs: "They give you a nice symmetry. You get a stretch and a pump." Tyler does two sets, each of them with 8 to 10 repetitions:

Chest exercise number two: incline dumbbells

Chest exercise number three: heavy barbell, 2nd set with 225 lbs
Many high-quality photos and videos with Tyler L on Allamericanguys
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AllamericanGuys: 8-Minute-Video

They've one thing in common: a successful workout. But the muscle hunks of AllamericanGuys in the following video do not only have perfect abs, pecs or biceps. They also stand for fun, passion, joy. This makes them so special. And now meet Josh Ohl, Myles Hannaman, Ronald, Chris, Brad Castleberry, Anton Antipov, Andrew Aponick, Jesse, Trevor, Patrick, Peter, Kevin Peake and many, many more:

You find all these hunks and countless high-quality photos and videos on AllamericanGuys.
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Ales Zelinka: Getting Ready For the Contest

Second place for Ales Zelinka at the Bohemia Men´s Championship: a big success for the young Czech bodybuilder, as it was his first contest in the men class. On CzechYoungMuscle you can watch his preparation for the contest. He's building up his muscles, and you see his physique in several periods: two weeks before the contest, then one week before it, finally on the day of the contest itself. Very impressive for every bodybuilding fan. The following shots show Ales before, during and at the end of his preparation for the contest:

Hundreds of high-quality photos and videos with Ales Zelinka on CzechYoungMuscle
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Jiri Borkovec in Best Shape

He's just preparing for his next contest, the Musclemania Superbody show in Miami June 22. Then Jiri Borkovec wants to be in better shape than ever. Even better than in this video from CzechYoungMuscle?

You find hundreds of high-quality photos and videos with Jiri on CzechYoungMuscle.

Jiri's homepage:
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DVD: Nothing But Nate - Volume 1

The DVD Nothing But Nate - Volume 1 brings together some of the very best footage of young bodybuilding phenom and model Nate Morton. Strengthnet's cameras showcased Nate's physique over a four-year period both in the gym and out. The video is packed with non-stop muscle and might as Nate tackles the weights with sheer intensity. It's produced in association with USAMuscle video. Here's the trailer:

You can order the DVD on Repetrope/USAMuscle.

Here another video with Nate working out his big biceps with dumbbell curls:
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