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Brad Castleberry: Motivation Gallery

It's amazing how popular Brad Castleberry is. When you watch the two videos in the post below, you'll surely find the 21-year-old bodybuilder very likable too. People are happy when Brad succeeds and comes on in bodybuilding, and the photos below are the best proof that the muscle man actually does. Enjoy this small motivation gallery. And then up to your gym! It's never too late.

Images copyright (c) www.musclemania.com

Best workout & muscleboys: RealWorkoutsInc

Shane Giese & other hot bodybuilders: Repetrope

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Brad Castleberry: Junior World Body

When Brad hit the Musclemania World stage last November, the crowd went crazy. A massive physique, ripped and ready for competition at just 21 years old was an amazing sight. Even backstage, the other competitors were astonished with Bradly's incredibly pumped body. But with his full muscles also comes unusual balance and symmetrical proportions. Big, round, symmetrical and conditioned - this guy's got it all.

Images copyright (c) Musclemania.com

Now enjoy Brad in two videos. In the first video the young muscle man poses during an interview while he's preparing for the 2006 Musclemania Superbody:

Video copyright (c) AllamericanGuys

In video 2 Brad talks about natural bodybuilding and about his diet and nutrition. Then the young bodybuilder poses and flexes. The highlight: double biceps!

Video copyright (c) AllamericanGuys

Special thanks to Louis Zwick and Musclemania.com for allowing me to post their great photos.
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Max B: Young Rising Bodybuilding Star

Sometimes you see a guy in a clip, and you instantly know that you must have the whole DVD. I had this experience again yesterday, as I was watching the videos you can see below of Max B. Now I'm anticipating and waiting for the DVD which I ordered on PumpingMuscle.com. I'll keep you posted how the DVD actually is. Now to Max B himself.

Max B is a 21-year-old bodybuilder who started competing in the teen class in 2005. A linebacker on the high school football team, he started powerlifting in high school, which led to his first bodybuilding show last year. Max won the teenage overall and men's overall and men's open middleweight titles at his state NPC show.

Here you see two videos with Max working out in gym and performing various biceps curl exercises.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Max's stats:
Year of birth: 1986 - Height: 5' 9 1/2" - Weight: 185 lbs - Waist: 30"
Chest: 43" - Arms: 16" - Forearms: 13" - Thighs: 25" - Calves: 16"
Neck: 16 1/2"

You find another video with Max posing and flexing on MuscleBoyVideo.

Images copyright (c) www.pumpingmuscle.com

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Myles #1 Model of AAG

Myles is the most popular fitness model of AllamericanGuys. Moving up one spot over last year, Myles takes the cake for this year as the #1 officially ranked model on AAG. Myles was also fortunate to land a number of bookings in 2006 including the cover of Men's Workout magazine.

Here all top ten AAG models of 2006:
Over 120 high-quality photos, videos and webcam chat sessions with Myles on AllamericanGuys

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Jamerjay Launches own Website

This man is both an artist and an athlete: "Jamerjay" James Dawson Martin passionately plays guitar and sings - very expressive, very gifted. Among workout enthusiasts he's better known as stunning young bodybuilder and is admired for his amazing physique he has been building up in the past years. In some videos he has already shown how hard he's working for it. When you watch him lifting weights, you would instantly like to take the dumbells.

Now Jamerjay is going to launch his own website. On
www.jamesdawsonmartin.com the muscle man announces "UK Personal Training, World Wide Fitness Consultations, Modelling & More". WI will keep you posted.

Watch Jamerjay's development from a teen bodybuilder to the strong man he's now:


Sixpack Guy: Bigger Biceps

Young guys want to have big guns. Therefore here a special video in which "Sixpack99" performs three different exercises for bigger biceps:

In the second video once more two biceps exercises: dumbell curl and hammer curl. Moreover an intense leg exercise and three different ways for pull-ups, the basic exercise for bodybuilding:

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Filip Jurka: From Teen to Junior Bodybuilder

He's like young Tarzan in the gym: Filip Jurka is vice-champion of the Czech Republic in the teen bodybuilding class. The 19-year-old muscle man from CzechYoungMuscle.com is admired especially for his perfect definition. However the next season may become quite difficult for him, because then he'll compete in the junior class against older and heavyer bodybuilders. Therefore he's just trying to gain weight. Filip studies at high school (focus electrical engineering). He enjoys sports and music.
You find many high-quality photos and videos with Filip Jurka working out, posing and flexing on CzechYoungMuscle.
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Ray update

It's always exciting when Ray gives an update of his amazing progress in bodybuilding. Unfortunately it's only one photo. But we see his growing muscle mass, and I think most people, just like me, find it great.
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Sixpack Guy: Upper Body Exercises

This time "Sixpack99" works out his complete upper body - chest, back, biceps, triceps, abs - and performs a variety of gym exercises. And we learn that only the right music makes a very successful workout! Watch the tiger:

Effective exercises for the back:

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Marcel: Hammer Curl

Marcel from Vistavideo is a motivation for workout, even if he doesn't lift heavy weights, but simply presents his amazing physique in front of the camera. In hundreds of clips on Vistavideo Marcel gives an impression of his workout: He trains, pumps, poses and flexes. And after every clip you're thinking: Let's take the dumbells!

Marcel may be admired most for his big biceps. "17 inches, guys!", he says while measuring his flexed muscle and smiling. In several new videos on Vistavideo Marcel performs a special exercise for his biceps: the hammer curl.

The site EBicep.com explains: The hammer curl is a variation of the standing dumbell curl. The difference between the hammer curl and a standard dumbell curl is that you keep your thumbs facing towards you. The hammer curl works your bicep muscles hard and also hits your forearms pretty hard at the same time.

There are several reasons to use the hammer curl. The hammer curl benefits from having a neutral wrist position. With regular dumbell curls you might feel your wrists weaken for the last few reps, this does not happen with the hammer curl. The hammer curl also forces you to stop your range of motion when your wrists are about parallel to the floor, this keeps the tension in your bicep muscles.

Hammer curl execution:
Squeeze the dumbells tight and raise your arms until your forearms are parallel with the floor. Pause at the top of the hammer curl and squeeze your bicep muscles hard, then slowly lower back down to the starting position.

Tips for the hammer curl:

1) Through the whole hammer curl, keep your elbows locked in at your sides. If you find that when you are doing the hammer curl that your elbows are moving forward, lower your weight.

2) Don't lean back! Use your bicep muscle to move the weight, not your bodyweight!

3) You can choose whether you do the hammer curl with one arm or two at a time. With one arm you can focus your energy on that one arm.
Source: www.eBicep.com

Marcel flexing after the hammer curl exercise:

All images copyright (c) www.vistavideo.com

Hundreds of videos with Marcel on Vistavideo.

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Sixpack Guy: Exercises for Big Arms

In the following video "Sixpack99" is training his arms with heavy weights: He uses the pull-down-machine for triceps, then preacher curl, dumbells and pull-ups for biceps. Finally he's flexing and shows that bodybuilding is even more effective, if there's some joy and fun.

Soon more of Sixpack99 here on WI.

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Myles Hannaman: Fitness Cover Model

Myles Hannaman is an accomplished athlete, having excelled in both wrestling and football during high school. He took up the sport of bodybuilding and has already placed reasonably well at his first bodybuilding competition where he was scouted for AllamericanGuys.

His latest success: Myles is featured on the cover of the current issue of the famous fitness magazine Men's Workout:

He's proud to say he's an all natural athlete, and achieves his physique from proper diet and nutrition, and well balanced workouts. His main priority at the moment is college, where he plans to major in nursing.

Myles' stats:
Height:5'7 Weight:175 Waist:30 Neck:17 Chest:43

Over 120 high-quality photos and 66 videos with Myles on


Buddy Biceps Exercise: Curl vs. Curl

A fascinating biceps exercise which I didn't know, but which I like very much: Two bodybuilders curl against each other's biceps, working their muscles hard. Afterwards they flex to show the results. Do you recognize one of the two muscle men? Top fitness model Myles Hannaman.

Copyright (c) Mostmuscular.com

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Mr. Sixpack: Full-Body Workout

He calls himself "Sixpack99" and is one of the most stunning bodybuilders I've ever seen on the net. The young guy has built an impressive, muscular physique. I appreciate him so much especially for two reasons.

Firstly: He doesn't neglect his legs like many other bodybuilders. His legs have amazing muscle mass. Thus his whole body has wonderful proportions. And secondly: He obviously has fun in his gym, and he shows his joy. He enjoys to work out and to show off his growing muscles.

See the first two videos with "Sixpack" and his hard workout in gym with very heavy weights.

Video 1:

Video 2:

More of "Sixpack" here on WI soon.

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ThisFoolTyler Announces Big Workout Video

Tyler Southwick's video in the post yesterday - see below - is only the teaser for his full workout routine video which will come "soon", Tyler says. I'll try to find out where and how Tyler will publish this full version and will report about it here on WI.

Here Tyler's latest photos:

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ThisFoolTyler: My Workout Routine

His fans want to know all about Tyler Southwick and his workout: his body weight, his exercises, the weights he's lifting. Tyler is an amazing bodybuilding idol for so many guys on the net. Now he has produced a video in which he shows his complete workout routine:

Tyler Southwick's site: www.thisfooltyler.net

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Gregory Capra: Body Weight Exercises

It's a golden rule for all workout exercises, even when it's about gaining muscle mass: Form is at least as important as the weight. In the following video you see Gregory Capra, the smart French personal trainer and owner of www.gregory-capra.com, working out only with his body weight. Watch Greg peforming classic exercises: perfect push-ups, pull-ups and dips:

More of Gregory on his fitness site: www.gregory-capra.com

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Jake's Big Biceps

This time the demos are more about posing and flexing and less about hard workout, but I think they're pretty impressive anyway. Jake from Strengthnet.com does slowly curls and pumps his biceps to show his peaks. Study and enjoy his exercises in the two following videos.

Curls and Pumping:

Flexing and Posing:

(c) www.strengthnet.com From MovieLibrary on YouTube.com

Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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