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JamerJay: Back and Stronger than Ever

In his last video message JamerJay said that he was heading for a model career and for that reason he stopped building more muscle mass. But now JamerJay is working out hard again and is obviously bigger than before. He tells: "I got let down with the whole modelling thing, after two months prepping and losing mass for it. I am coming back stronger than ever, as suggested. It is the true fire inside of me."

Watch JamerJay's amazing development from a little boy who once took his first weights to the stunning young bodybuilder he's now:

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Jan Matejka

A big hero from Jan Matejka. Jan is 23 years old and was Czech Juniors Champion in 2005. Surely not his last big success in bodybuilding.

Jan's basic stats:
Height: 5'9 Weight: 187 lbs
Biceps: 18" Chest: 47" Waist: 32 "

See more of Jan Matejka on
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Brandon Bass: Biceps Workout

Brandon Bass: In the following video you see him doing dumbbell curls for biceps.

You find more of Brandon Bass on USAMuscle & Repetrope.
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In Gym with Jiri

Impressions of Jiri Borkovec's full-body workout:

Visit Jiri's Homepage:

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Jake: Hard Pushups

For some people they seem to be just a simple exercise for beginners. But in fact pushups are a basic, even classic, and an enormously effective exercise for your whole upper body. Many great fitness models do them everytime there's no gym or workout equipment.

Count how many Jake from is doing in the following video. Follow him and try to do as many as possible, until you feel the burn. The burn is a sign that your muscles are going to grow. Then stretch carefully. Again you may feel a burn, but this time only a slight one, to avoid injury. The stretching will accelerate and enhance the growth of your muscles. Jake's body is the living proof that it works.

A further advantage of pushups: All muscle parts of your upper body are growing equally in wonderful, natural proportions. Again just look at Jake: He's the living proof.

(c) From MovieLibrary on

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Evan: Converting Losses into Gains

It's hard to believe. The photos of Evan here in this post were the first professional shoot he ever participated in. The 19-year-old hunk is a new sensation of Allamericanguys.

Currently Evan is a student at University of Central Florida (Orlando). He explains: "The question I always get, and lately have not been able to answer is “What are you studying?” That answer changes every week. Luckily I just got started so I have a little time to decide."

Prior to going to UCF, Evan lived in Clearwater, Florida, and attended a small private school in Tampa. "Ever since I was a toddler I had an extreme desire for athletics. I have played basically everything you can think of: soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, football, wrestling, hockey, ect."

The dream of football and its end

As Evan grew older though he had an extremely strong interest in Baseball and Football. "After my freshman year in high school, I decided to concentrate on football, and weightlifting for football. At the age of 16 I was 5’10” and 195lbs. I was one of the top Fullbacks and Linebackers in the area." Unfortunately, his College Football aspirations were cut short by injury. He tore his ACL and Meniscus during his junior year. "This injury was devastating. I spent years training to make it to the next level, only to fail due to injury."

From trauma to success

Even though this experience was so extremely traumatic and detrimental, it indirectly sparked new interests and opportunities. Evan: "Post-Surgery my body atrophied to a fragile frame of 160lbs, how depressing." After months of self-pity and mourning, accompanied by miserable rehab, Evan decided he would convert his losses into gains. "I always wanted to model, but bulking up for football, along with my busy schedule prevented me from pursuing it. Now that I lost a lot of weight, and started to really research information about dieting and nutrition, I decided to get in the best shape possible and pursue modeling."

And the young hunk adds with a smile: "So here I am, on Allamericanguys!"

Many more high-quality photos and videos on Allamericanguys.

Michael Ayers Posing

Young bodybuilder Michael Ayers is not only a popular fitness model, he also participates in competitions. Here you see him flexing at a contest.

(c) From MovieLibrary on

You find more of Michael Ayers on USAMuscle & Repetrope, and on Allamericanguys.

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Armwrestling: Ronald vs. Chris K

Two stunning Allamericanguys: Ronald (left) vs. Chris K (right). Both have strong, well-trained arms. But the match has a clear winner.

See this and many more videos and hiqh-quality photos with Ronald & Chris K on Allamericanguys.

Voting: Best Bodybuilder Site

WorkoutInspiration is nominated for the "Sa Grace Award d' Excellence" in category 10: Best Bodybuilders (Muscles). If you like to vote for WI, I'm very happy. I'll try to make this site even better in future. Suggestions of you are of course always welcomed.

You find the Award site here:
Voting ends on January 31st 2007. And if you actually vote for WI - thanks!

My recommendation for category 14, Best Gay Forum: Manopolis,
There you find tons of amazing pics of muscle boys and bodybuilders, and the administrators are very cool and friendly.


Kraig: Classic Arm Workout

Kraig from performs my favorite exercises for arms: first the pull-down machine for triceps, then preacher curl for biceps. Finally he works out his shoulders.

(c) From muscledivine on

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Tyler Launches Own Site

He's an idol and motivation for so many fans and workout enthusiasts. Now Tyler Southwick launches his own site: It's still under construction, but you can already see what he's going to offer: among other things impressive photos and demos.

Tyler says: "This is a site where you can download videos of "ThisFoolTyler". I will be featuring updated videos weekly. You may also see some videos that have previously been on YouTube. In a sense, this is a video diary of my progress. I will be using the profits from these videos to purchase supplements, pay for my gym membership, etc."

And here he explains his new site in a short clip:

If you want to take a look at the new site, go to

Patrick: Heavy Weights (2)

This time Patrick from is stretching, posing, doing dips and an extremely surprising, acrobatic power exercise at the end. Have a look at it:

(c) From muscledivine on

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Patrick: Heavy Weights

The young bodybuilder in the following video is Patrick from Patrick performs various exercises with heavy weights and shows how he's gaining even more muscle mass.

(c) From muscledivine on
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Paul Tornabene: Upper Body

Paul smiles. His workout makes fun and is successful. What can we learn from the young fitness model from Allamericanguys? Proper form makes the success of an exercise, not the weight. Paul's movements are slow, concentrated and precise.

Paul Tornabene's workout is a wonderful example that sometimes stills are at least as demonstrative as a video, above all if you want to study an exercise closely. Below you see the initial and end points of Paul's movements and his proper posture.

Chest workout:
Paul lifts the dumbbells vertically and keeps the balance for about two seconds, while his outstrechted arms are at right angle to his upper body.

Preacher curl for biceps:

Paul doesn't bend his back or shoulders. The whole work is done by the muscles of his arms.

Many new high-quality photos and videos with Paul Tornabene on Allamericanguys.

Best Bodybuilder Site

WorkoutInspiration is nominated for the "Sa Grace Award d' Excellence". I feel honored. It's in category 10: "Best Bodybuilders (Muscles)". If you like to vote for WI, I'm very happy. I try to make this site even better every day. And any suggestions are welcomed of course.

You find the Award here:

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My recommendation for category 14, Best Gay Forum: Manopolis,
There you find tons of amazing pics of muscle boys and bodybuilders, and the administrators are the coolest and the most friendly ones I know.

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Peter's Biceps

Peter likes concentration curls. "They're great for isolating biceps and make a nice peak", the fitness hunk from Allamericanguys says.

Peter explains that a lot of people do concentration curls wrong. They push back their hand with the dumbbell too far, nearly up to their shoulder (see below: pic 1). Then much of the weight lies on the bones of their legs. "I stop when I see that my biceps makes the full peak", Peter says (pic 2 & 3). Then his muscles do all the work instead of his bones.

The whole movement with the other arm:

And finally stretching and flexing:

Many high-quality photos and videos with Peter on
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Armwrestling: Myles vs. Ronald

Armwrestling makes fun. It's boyish and exciting to look who of two muscle men is actually stronger. Therefore I want to start a series with entertaining and motivating armwrestling photos.

The first two muscle boys comparing the strength of their arms are Myles and Ronald from Allamericanguys. The photos are from a very funny and exciting clip on AAG. Let's see who of the two hunks is stronger!

First right hand:

Then left hand:Many high-quality photos and videos with Myles and Ronald on


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Interview with Pavel H: A Fighter like Rocky

Pavel Hochman lives with his parents and his younger brother near the city Brno in the Czech Republic, in a region with a beautiful countryside, with woods and hills. When you listen to Pavel talking about his career, you soon think of Rocky Balboa, although it's not boxing but bodybuilding. But the ups and downs seem quite similar, and so are the personalities.

Pavel, please tell us about your way to bodybuilding and modeling.
I started with bodybuilding at the age of 16. The first gym I visited was the Gold's Gym in Brno. Since then I've been training consistently. I took part at contests, and that gave me the chance to do professional shootings.

There're several amazing highlights in your bodybuilding career. But you had to cope with a quite difficult time too, hadn't you?
Yes, I had. My first contest was in 2004. It was the Juniors Championship, in the category up to 176 lbs, and I was placed number eight. My target for the next season was to get more weight. And I succeeded. One year later I competed at the same contest in the heaviest category, that's over 176 lbs. I won. I was so happy. But five days later I lay in hospital. I had problems with my intestine, a surgery was necessary. I lost 20 lbs in eight days. In the next four weeks at home I lost again more than 2 lbs. My doctor told me better to forget the dumbbells. Five weeks after the surgery I started training again with four-lbs-dumbbells. After 15 weeks I stood again on the stage of a contest. My weight was 170 lbs. I won gold. Then the next contests, one of them the Aminostarcup 2005, where I was placed second in the category up to 165 lbs.

Do you have idols, persons who inspire you?
My biggest idols in bodybuilding are Frank Zane and Flex Wheeler. My favorite writer is W.S. Burroughs.

Do you have more interests?
I like good books and movies, and I like to go to punk concerts. But I don't have much free time.

What kind of support do you have?
My father is supporting me most of all. Family is the most important support. And I have a great trainer.

Can you tell us about your goals in life?
My personal goal is to be satisfied with me and with my life. I want my life to be useful. Regarding profession I would like to finish the School of Medicine and want to specialize in human nutrition. I would like to become an adviser for nutrition and training. I want to stay healthy, and try to win as often as I can. I wish that my work in the gym and on the stage makes me happy.

Thank you for the conversation, Pavel.
Read the post about Pavel's first workout DVD below. Many high-quality photos and videos with Pavel on

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I've never asked my readers to vote for my blog at a website award. But this time I... hmm... I at least ask you to take a look at this award site, and perhaps you like to think about, because I actually feel honored to be nominated. The "Sa Grace Award d' Excellence", created by the GC Spotlight Magazine, has a tradition and is already in its 5th year.

Please know that there's no money for me to win. It's "just" for honor. But decide on your own. There're many other great sites.

The Award site:

Voting ends on 31 January 2007. And if you actually vote for WI - thanks.
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Andrew Aponick: Big Triceps for Big Arms

It's obvious that Andrew Aponick is an expert on big arms. The fitness hunk from Allamericanguys has upper arms every workout enthusiast is dreaming of. "About 17 inches", he estimates while flexing. It looks like more.

Is there a secret, an advice? Andrew says, a lot of people work out above all their biceps to get bigger arms. "Don't forget the triceps!", he emphasizes, "Triceps actually counts about two thirds of your upper arm. You should actually focus - not more -, but at least equal attention on triceps. Bigger triceps make much bigger arms", he explains.

On the photos below you see Andrew performing a special exercise for triceps: push-ups with kick-back of the dumbbell. An exercise which trains a bit your chest, but above all your triceps.

These push-ups are "advanced and really hard", Andrew says. You keep the weights back on one side, and you raise your leg on the other side. His advice for the kick-back: "Keep your ellbow and your shoulder high." Then the movement is more effective. And feel the burn! Then your triceps will grow, and so will your whole arm.

More intense workout exercises soon here on WI.

Many high-quality photos and videos with Andrew Aponick on

Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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