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Muscle Boy Video

If you get motivated for your workout especially by videos, then the blog MuscleBoyVideo may be the right place for you, beside WorkoutInspiration. On MuscleBoyVideo you see tons of clips of young, stunning bodybuilders, such as Tyler Southwick, Ray and the timeless Marky Mark, now Mark Wahlberg.

Image Mark Wahlberg copyright (c) Goodtimes, Polyband

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Myles & Ronald

Two stunning Allamericanguys: Myles and Ronald. Each of them is 5' 7 tall, and biceps is the most admired body part of both hunks.

Myles weighs 175 lbs. He's a natural bodybuilder and an accomplished athlete, having excelled in both wrestling and football during high school.

Ronald weighs 160 lbs. He's college student and personal trainer. His favorite sport: baseball.

Many high-quality photos and videos with Myles and Ronald on Allamericanguys.

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ThisFoolTyler: Bench Press for More Strength

Tyler Souhtwick wants to get even stronger. For this goal he does repetitions with 295 lbs to warm up for 315 lbs. He's explaning the details in the video:

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Ray: Intense Leg Exercise

Ray has gained enormously much muscle mass in the past time. Here he shows us some of his intense leg workout.

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Jesse: Best Form

Jesse is a college student from Ohio. He's an overall athletic guy with an interest in many sports, primarily basketball, soccer and football. Jesse even considered the sport of bodybuilding, but then decided he didn't want to add too much mass to his physique.

Jesse's basic stats:
Height: 6'11
Weight: 187

Many high-quality photos and videos with Jesse on Allamericanguys.

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Shane Giese: All Angles (2)

Some more impressions from Shane's workout DVD All Angles:

You find Shane Giese's workout DVD All Angles on Repetrope.

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Ray's Progress

He's a big motivation for all fitness enthusiasts who want to gain more muscle mass. Ray, age: 23, profession: personal assistant, hobby: bodybuilding. Hobby? It seems more like a destination. The photos show his amazing, fast progress within only a few years.

About four years ago:

Two years later:

One of his latest photos (and the pic on the top):

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Peter P: Chest Workout

Peter is currently a college student pursuing his bachelors in criminology. He calls himself a romantic, a "lover not a fighter" and loves working out and keeping in shape. Here are some impressions of his chest workout:

Several videos and high-quality photos of Peter on Allamericanguys.

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New Superhunk Peter

He loves laughing, and he loves working out his biceps: Peter, 22 years old and from New York, is the new hunk on Allamericanguys, and is featured there in several amazing videos and high-quality photos. When Peter is training, he's extremely motivating. And when he's laughing, he's very likable. A great guy.

Peter's basic stats: height: 5'11, weight: 185.

Several videos and high-quality photos of Peter on Allamericanguys.


Shane Giese: All Angles

Impressions from Shane Giese's workout DVD All Angles:

All Angles is available on Repetrope.

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My Name is Borish. Jason Borish!

Photo (c) Brian Johnson
This man has a mission: getting fit. Extremely fit. In the trailer for his upcoming workout DVD "The Thriller", Jason Borish is running, working out and flexing that you can hardly trust your eyes. The young athlete and fitness model makes us instantly think of action movie heroes like James Bond or Ethan Hunt preparing for their missions impossible. And also "The Thriller" will be a whole series of workout DVDS. Therefore we'll see Jason in more "workout adventures".

Photo (c) Brian Johnson
But in contrast to the movie heroes Jason is not only in top form as long as the special effects work. He's getting fit in real life. The 26-year-old hunk appears like an incredible package of youth, energy, strength and endurance. And when his stunning eight-pack is coming closer and closer to the camera, you know that Jason's DVD will be breathtaking.

I think it's time for the trailer now:

"The Thriller" is produced by Kinetic Energy Productions and Connex247.com, and is available in mid-November. Visit Connex247.com for ordering information.

Here another preview, a short sample:

Ordering information on Connex247.com.
Special thanks to Brian Johnson for his great photos.

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Jeremy Markum: Living Life to the Fulliest

Photo (c) Keith Munyan

„Why weight training? Doesn't endurance work burn more fat? Be prepared for a mess!“ When Jeremy Markum is writing about workout, you feel, this man has a message. Writing and workout: two passions of Jeremy Markum. And he's made for both of them.

First of all the 30-year-old hunk is made for workout. Fitness enthusiasts know his amazing physique from many professional shots. Jeremy has worked with photographers like Keith Munyan and Louis LaSalle, and for big model agencies. He has appeared inside numerous fitness magazines, even twice on the cover of Men's Workout, as well as on several DVDs of Ron William's Vistavideo.com, which is well known for its popular fitness models.

Images (c) Men's Workout

But Jeremy Markum is much more than just a hunk. He has both: brawn and brains, and they complement each other. He's not only an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Jeremy also holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters degree in Information Science.

His love for fitness and health began with soccer, martial arts, and football. Already during college, Jeremy shifted his focus to all natural bodybuilding. He competed, drug-free, in the all-natural bodybuilding contest The 2000 Illinois Open and placed first in the light heavyweight division, third overall.

Special training philosophy

Jeremy's time-crunched experience during grad school of building a fitness-model physique, while at the same time, keeping up with his studies, caused him to evolve and refine many of the principles espoused by bodybuilders and other elite athletes. Thus, he developed his own philosophy of training, nutrition, diet and a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile he works as personal trainer and publishes his profound knowledge on his own website www.jeremymarkum.com. There he tries to stand out from the crowd of fitness sites: In each of his articles and products he has a special and very personal approach to the various subjects of fitness and health.

DVDs "Muscle Quest" and "Muscle Dreams" (c) www.vistavideo.com

One of his messages: simplifying fitness, working out in less time, but much more effectively. „I want to help people improve their health and get in shape, no matter how hectic their schedules are, to help people get in shape faster, with or without a gym membership".

Jeremy criticizes muscle magazines for publishing information which is profitable for the supplement companies advertising in the mags, but bad for the readers. He regards himself as the living proof that you can build an impressive physique without steroids, without spending your whole day in a gym, and still have a life.

Photos of Jeremy by Frank Celaya www.frankphotos.com

What sounds easy, is in fact hard work. Jeremy is diligent both in the gym and at his desk. It will be difficult to find a fitness author who is nearly as productive as Jeremy. He has written and produced countless publications: articles, podcasts and exercise demos for his own website, newsletters for www.atozfitness.com, even one chapter in its All-Star e-book. Moreover his products, which he sells on his site. Two examples:
The Tao of Functional Fitness is a big package of book, audio CDs and DVDs to get in good shape using training techniques that emphasize portability, like bodyweight exercise and elastic bands.
On his DVD Damn Good Exercises Jeremy shows how perfect form makes the difference in the gym, if someone strives for a body like his, such as his biceps with "18 inches on a good day“, he reveals on his DVD.

"Damn Good Exercises" (c) www.jeremymarkum.com

His diction is straight to the point: „Gain muscle to burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories that muscle will burn.“ His diction is humorous: „With more muscle you can sit on your duff watching Jerry Springer and burn calories.“ His diction is convincing: "Too much cardio burns muscle! So avoid it!" And finally, his diction is passionate: "My purpose in life is to live life to the fulliest, and help others do the same."

Always new projects in the pipeline

In 2006 his life has changed. Jeremy married and moved to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. There he has transformed a 1500 square-foot facility into The Rustic Fitness & Performance Institute (www.rusticfitness.com), where he specializes in training athletes: "I'm hosting performance camps for wrestlers, football players, and other youth sport competitors, as well as more individualized, 1-on-1 coaching for those who want the ultimate edge."

Copyright not found

Outside of fitness and health, Jeremy has yet quite another passion: writing fiction. He's working on his first novel. Genre: horror. And hopes for a bestseller.

Pretty versatile, this Mr. Markum: athlete, fitness model, personal trainer, author, self-made business man, philosopher. Is there a function which all these activities have in common, a kind of intersection? An answer may be found on his very early blog "Caffeine Induced Reality", six years ago. There he introduced himself by saying simply: "My name is Jeremy Markum. I'm a writer." Writer. Definitely one who has much to tell, and whose best chapters may yet come.

Quotations are taken from
The Advanced Training and Nutrition Guide, available on www.jeremymarkum.com, and from various articles of this site.

Special thanks to Frank Celaya www.frankphotos.com, and to Ron Williams www.vistavideo.com for their great photos.

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