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ThisFoolTyler: Curls

Tyler Southwick, 22 years old, does the following exercise before bed. Then his muscles can grow during the night.

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Mike: Working Out Biceps

"I'm Mike. I'm from California. I'm here to win." The 18-year-old teen bodybuilder is self-confident, when he introduces himself in one of his Allamericanguys videos. Mike has already taken part in two big competitions. Both times succesfully. "My future plans for bodybuilding are to go as far as I possibly can go naturally, and never to use steroids." He intends to gain even more muscle mass and tries to keep the symmetry. "My favorite upper bodybuilding pose is double bicep." He works out his arms twice a week. His right arm has 17 inches, his left one 16 3/4 inches.

Here are some impressions of his biceps exercises:

Mike flexing after working out his biceps:

About Mike:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 173
Favorite sport: Wrestling, football
He loves sun sets, girls - and ice cream.
More about this cool, funny guy soon here on WorkoutInspiration.

You find many high-quality photos and videos with Mike on Allamericanguys.


ThisFoolTyler: Flexing

When Tyler Southwick is flexing, you see how much muscle mass he has gained in short time.

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Height: 6'1
Weight: 180
Many high-quality videos and photos on Allamericanguys.

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Jackson vs. Tyler

Who's stronger? AAG's Jackson and Tyler armwrestling.
Many high-quality videos and photos on Allamericanguys.

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Appeal: Do you want to work with Gregory Capra?

He has just launched his new fitness site, now Gregory Capra is already expanding his business: He looks for personal trainers to cooperate with, not only in Paris and all over France, but also in Belgium and Swiss.

If you're living there, and if you are interested in working as a personal trainer with Gregory, feel free to apply for one of the jobs.

Profound knowledge and practical experience in workout, fitness, nutrition, diet
Best some certification(s) in these fields
Qualification in working with clients, in coaching people in a human and professional manner
Language: best English and French

You find the exact conditions also on Please send your application papers - or if you have any questions - to: or
Gregory looks forward to your application!

Gregory Capra working out,

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Jiri Borkovec: Bodybuilder and Model

You find an article about Jiri Borkovec's life and interesting personality in a post below.
Best Workout DVDs and Bodybuilders:

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ThisFoolTyler: The Success of 2 Years Bodybuilding

Tyler Southwick before and after: The following video is an impressive slide show demonstrating how successful hard, regular and well disciplined workout and bodybuilding can be. Two years ago Tyler weighed 120 lbs. Now he has 170 lbs. The difference are muscles, and nothing else. And you see that. It's simply stunning.

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Jiri Borkovec: Bodybuilding is My Life

On his website Jiri Borkovec writes: "One word I would use to best describe myself: Pitbull - because it never surrenders."

Jiri Borkovec, 20 years old and from the Czech Republic, proved, that he never surrenders, at the Bohemia Junior National bodybuilding competition this year. After the semifinal he worried about placing perhaps only 3rd or 4th. He was angry about himself: He had oiled up outside and had recognized almost too late his call up to the stage: "I had to enter on stage without pump and not oiled up properly. I competed with much heavier guys. Some of them weighed about 215 lbs. I thought in the break between semifinals and finals how could I do all to win. In the end I did everything well. I beat them by my quality and presentation. I was fuller and harder. I won the heaviest category and the overall as well. This is my career highlight."

Before bodybuilding Jiri Borkovec did many other sports, above all in his childhood and as teenager: karate, soccer, cycling, ice hockey. At the age of 13 he started to work out: "I had always admired muscles and strength. Then, one day, I said to myself: You will be a bodybuilder. I started at home with a few dumbbells and benches for three years. Then, I joined a local bodybuilding club and trained at a public gym." Already 1 1/2 years later Jiri competed and was judged good enough to win the Czech National Championship in 2004. The beginning of his career as bodybuilder.

At the moment Jiri is student at university focused on production control. But he's determined to become a professional bodybuilder. However workout, equipment and trips to competitions are expensive. Therefore he's looking for sponsors and for advertisements on his homepage to finance his training and career. "Money very limites me in my improvements. I do my best to earn some money as a personal trainer and I also do a weekend jobs in a forest where I cut the trees and load the truck by the wood. Then I usually go to the gym. Some tell me that I am crazy about what I do. But I wanna be the best all the way. Bodybuilding is my life."

Jiri does not only have big muscles, his plans and wishes are even bigger. Recently he visited North America (pic above and pic below). "I'd like to move to the U.S. one day and compete there and do some sport modeling." And he dreams of opening his own gym finally.

Jiri knows that the way to success can be hard, and that defeats are part of it. In the 2006 Czech Republic Junior Nationals he placed second - and was disappointed. "I wanted to win this contest and prove everyone that symmetry and aesthetics can beat freaky mass. I almost reached it, but one guy was too big and my symmetry wasn't enough to win. I will do my best to get some muscles on and be bigger next year." What was his personal word? Pitbull, because it never surrenders. Just like Jiri himself. Therefore he's likely to succeed in the end.

Jiri's Homepage:

His various products:
- Two personal DVDs which contain his shows, training, bonus materials from backstage and many photos
- Autographed photos which you can choose from his web site

- Exhibitions on public actions and meetings
- New: Webcam shows where he shows his physique in real time

Trainer's services:
- Dietetics and training consultant
- Making diet and training routine plans

- Personal trainings led by him

- Condition exercising
- Junior and senior exercising

- Rehabilitative and stretching exercising

- Weight reduction

- Programs for bulking up, strength or ripping

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Dave & Kyle DVD: Smashing Reviews

Even if I tried to find some negative remarks, I wouldn't succeed. The feedback of the teenage workout DVD with the two newcommers Dave, 17 and Kyle, 19 is overwhelming. Here are some more voices from various boards:

"I've already watched it twice. This is a really great video: fun, entertaining, well-made... and lots and lots of youthful muscle! The guys look fantastic and have great, engaging, outgoing personalities.

What's neat is that there is something for everyone: gym workouts (to failure! Not "here is an example of good form with girly-weight"), lots of flexing--including a posedown contest!--measuring biceps and chest and waist; more flexing, in and out of shirts; shower scenes (with trunks on); and more!

No one paid me (or even asked me!) to say this. I just wanted to let y'all know that, for me, this video is a keeper."
"These guys aren't giant bodybuilders, but they've got that confident, slightly cocky attitude that comes with being young and really built. They enjoy showing off their pumped young physiques, in ways that really assert their power and attitude. I especially like the part where they flex, and then see how long they can hold it. There's something about a young guy expanding his chest or flexing his biceps, and then holding it and holding us lots of time to look and look and!"
"Demonstrating how their muscles look in various shirts is hot, too. It's like they're experimenting with us....striving to find the hottest look possible from their sizzling bodies. This DVD really pushes some buttons that others don't. Great show, guys!"

If you want, you can order the Teen Bodybuilder Workout with Dave and Kyle DVD on RealworkoutsInc. There you can also see a promo video.


Jesse and Joey: Two Buddies

Joey (left)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 172
Joey hails from the great state of New York. He's a personal trainer and hopes to own his own gym someday.

Jesse (right)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 187
Jesse is a college student from Ohio. He's an overall athletic guy with an interest in many sports, primarily basketball, soccer and football. Jesse even considered the sport of bodybuilding, but then decided he didn't want to add too much mass to his physique.

See Jesse and Joey working out, armwrestling, measuring each other's biceps and having fun on Allamericanguys.


Tyler's Approach to Bodybuilding

"Bodybuilding is much like any other sport: To be successful you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental appraoch." - Tyler Southwick's workout philosophy. In the following video he demonstrates it.

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Fitness Hunk: New Site Launched

For weeks there has only been the promo page on But today, on October 11th the site will change and reveal its whole offer. According to its announcement FitnessHunk will be dedicated to fitness, strength and a healthy lifestyle. That means: monthly photo and video updates, weekly training articles, web cam training, tips and advice on diet and nutrition. All that will be accessable for a "super reasonable monthly fee", so the webmaster.

FitnessHunk is not only the name of the site. FitnessHunk is above all one man: Kevin G., certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Together with a few of his buddies he'll run the site. You can take a look at Kevin and watch him explaining workout exercises in a promo video here:

The best proof for his knowledge may be his own physique. Kevin G. is a rising-star fitness model. And if I get a body nearly as perfect as his by following all advice of the site, then I'll tell all people, that the fee is super, super reasonable, no matter the amount.

Take a look at the site:


Tyler: After the Gym

This time Tyler Southwick shows us that flexing and taking a look at one's progress is part of a good workout.

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Dave & Kyle: Two Young Bodybuilders Strike (2)

Some more impressions from the new RealworkoutsInc workout DVD with the two teen bodybuilders Dave, 17 (first pic) and Kyle, 19:

You can see a preview video and also order "Teen Bodybuilder Workout with Dave & Kyle" on RealworkoutsInc.

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Dave & Kyle: Two Young Bodybuilders Strike

The feedback is overwhelming, unprecedented. People who have seen the new DVD from RealworkoutsInc Teen Bodybuilder Workout with Dave & Kyle are enthusiastic and speak of "the best teen workout DVD ever". Now even more fitness enthusiasts want to see the two stunning, young bodybuilders Dave and Kyle. Within 48 hours, the initial run of the DVD's completely sold out. "That kind of response has never happened before", RealworkoutsInc tells us. Meanwhile the company has produced more supplies.

So, what's about this DVD? Over one year in the making, the 2-hour disc captures the muscle-popping adventures of two exceptional teen bodybuilders, Dave, 17 and Kyle, 19 as they compete with each other and themselves to be the toughest, most muscular teens in town. Best friends and workout buddies since junior high, Dave and Kyle show their extraordinary workouts and multiple strength and endurance competitions in the summer prior to their freshman year in college.

RealworkoutsInc explains: "If you've forgotten what it's like to be a teen bodybuilder with tons of testosterone coursing through your veins, not to mention a fierce competitive spirit, Dave and Kyle are very vivid reminders. For three non-stop days of filming, we captured these handsome, rock-hard teens flexing and wrestling in NYC's Central Park, strutting their muscular physiques in a hot, sportswear photo shoot, and then fogging up the cameras for a sexy bedroom, shower and shave segment that was a demo for MTV's True Life series."

And, there's more: a mind-blowing, full-body workout where each teen attempts to beat his personal best for each exercise performed. The final segment is a phenomenally intense posedown where the two, fully pumped-up teens, compete to be the last flexer standing. As Kyle put it, "We gave 110%. Nothing left to take home. That's how we do it".

"I just got this dvd and it is really awesome! It has tons of stuff including armwrestling, arms overhead wrestling, lots of really hot flexing and workouts where the guys are straining and grunting until they nearly pass out. And, as if that wasn't enough, a very hot stretching scene in their undies as well as flexing and shaving in the shower. Definitely the best dvd realworkoutsinc has ever put out in my opinion."
A user on a workout board

"The best teen bodybuilder workout ever!"
Sambag's Blog on

You can see a preview video and also order "Teen Bodybuilder Workout with Dave & Kyle" on RealworkoutsInc.

Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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