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Sean Susini Interview (2): "Always try to become better than what you are now"

In the second part of our interview I've been talking with Sean more in detail about bodybuilding competitions, modeling and his way of life.

Sean, what do you prefer: bodybuilding competitions or modeling?

I prefer bodybuilding because it is more of a sport than a bragging type thing.
How much discipline is necessary for the preparation of a competition?
Much discipline is needed. Goals have to be set and attained. Diets are strict. And I need to practice a posing routine.
Can you explain us your diet?
I go on a strict diet when I am getting ready for a competition. I generally eat high protein meals and sometimes will have protein drinks.
Are you cool or stressed-out and excited before a
You are very depleted, thirsty, rushed and confused about scheduling of events. It always feels great after it's over.
Do you get many offers from model agencies after a successful competition?
I get offers all the time. But I usually don't take them for various reasons.
Isn't modeling an easy job for you?
Modeling is harder than it seems if you are a bodybuilder. It is like doing an all day workout because you have to stay pumped. A photo shooting can be very tiring.

How do you handle stress and discipline?
I just deal with it. Just think of the task at hand and do it.
A 15-year-old boy told me he admired you, because for him you are like one of these superheroes in cartoons - but you are even real! Do you like some of the cartoon superheroes too?
Yes, Spider-Man and Batman. Even though they aren't real they have good morals and try hard.
What's important for you in life? Do you have some kind of philosophy?
You know the path, so follow it. Don't dwell on the past. Always try to become better than what you are now. Be kind and helpful to others.
Thanks for this conversation, Sean.

You find the first part of the interview below the post about Tyler.

Special thanks to Allamericanguys who have placed their great photos at my disposal.

Here you find material of and about Sean Susini:
Sean's homepage with order page for his Off Season Workout DVD
Sean modeling and working out: many high-quality photos and videos
High-quality workout DVD: "Sean Susini: Full-Body Workout"
Sean's Yahoo fan group

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Two Tyler Videos: Pushups and Bench Warmup

Tyler Southwick:
"Gained 10 lbs so I had to make a little video of what i currently look like. I've been drinking cytogainer shakes during the day for about 3 weeks. I bulked up a little bit.. im going to cut again when i gain about 15 more lbs..if i need too..also the pushups were just for a little pump/ same with the pullups.. just had to clear that up for all you haters.. cause i kno ppl are gunna say dumb shit like.. do more pushups.. do different kinds of pullups.. blah blah blah.. this isnt a full routine this is just to show how my body looked as of 9-24-06.. thanks.."

Bench Warmup:

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Sean Susini Interview (1): "Break the Pain Barrier!"

Sean Susini is entering a new era of his life. The natural bodybuilder from Denville, NJ has racked up many bodybuilding championships, including an unprecedented four years in a row INBF Hercules International. Sean, 20 years old and no longer a teenager, continues working out and is preparing for professional competition.

Sean began weight lifting already as young teenager. Over the years, Sean developed a solid work ethic, working out almost everyday.
I had the pleasure to talk with Sean. Here is part 1 of the interview. It's a conversation about bodybuilding, about fame and about life.

Sean, what's your first advise for someone who wants to get fit with workout?
Get regular exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep.
You say "Eat right". What does this mean for a bodybuilder?
Eat low proportions of fat and well balance nutritious meals. I recommend a proportion of 45% 35% 20% between protein, carbs, and fat.
What do you think of all those supplements which are offered?
When things are too easy you will become weaker. Many of today's health accessories, such as drugs, medications etc., are keeping our bodies from building immunities. Humans tend to adapt to their surroundings.

What do you recommend for a succesful workout?
Do high reps, circuit training and running.
And especially for bodybuilders?
Do high intensity workouts, don't miss any workouts. And break the pain barrier!
Is there something special in your exercises what differs from usual workout routines?
Yes. Sometimes I do very high reps. I will put on a CD and perform reps for an entire CD, which is usually around 45 minutes.
Is there any information in public and media about workout which you regard as nonsense?
Yes. Many authorities limit the age at which you should start working out. I disagree with their limits. And bodybuilding does not mean that you will become muscle bound and loose movement.

You've got many fans especially by the internet. How much has internet influenced your life?
Internet has influenced all life in America. My web site brings a lot of acclaim. I am able to easily respond to requests for advise.
How do you handle the fact that you have fans all over the world?
I don't think about that. But I guess it's cool.
Do you have an idea for what they admire you most and what's your feeling?
They admire my accomplishments at a young age. I am glad to be a motivation to them and it encourages me to try harder.

Part 2 of the interview will follow soon. There Sean will talk more in detail about modeling and bodybuilding competitions.

Special thanks to Allamericanguys who have placed their great photos at my disposal.

Here you find material of and about Sean Susini:
Sean's homepage with order page for his Off Season Workout DVD
Sean modeling and working out: many high-quality photos and videos
High-quality workout DVD: "Sean Susini: Full-Body Workout"
Sean's Yahoo fan group

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Gregory Capra: Bonjour Coach!

Photo Jean-Philippe Raibaud

You shouldn't hire Gregory Capra as your personal trainer. You shouldn't hire him, because your friends may get jealous. Gregory is a young and pretty good-looking workout coach. The 22-year-old model is much in demand: fashion presentations, advertisements, art photography.

But Gregory is above all highly qualified: His big number of certificates give an impression of his profound knowlegde: Experience in a wide range of sports and mainly in bodybuilding. He has been working as a personal trainer in Paris and in Southern France for three years now.

Photo Jean-Philippe Raibaud

Gregory's own, stunning physique is one proof for his skills. His philosophy seems to work. His philosophy, that's a special mixture of passion, determination, even rigour, and humour. He knows to push his clients, to motivate them. But he also knows to listen to them. Perhaps that's his most important quality: The young, French guy is open-minded. He regards life as a constant learning process. Above all for himself.

The logo of Gregory's site

For those people who don't live in France and can't meet him in a gym, he has just launched his own workout site There you get

online advice for all aspects of fitness: consultation for training routines, fat loss, cardio, building up muscle mass, better definition, nutrition and diet. And you can easily ask him about other sports too. Did I mention that Gregory is versatile? A question concerning football? Or athletics, judo, volleyball, climbing, sailing? He has done all of it. You mean motocross? Well, seven years practice. Therefore it might be better to change the beginning of this article: You should hire Gregory as personal trainer. Your buddies simply have to cope with it.

Gregory's stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 167 lbs

Gregory's websites: Workout consultation Modeling

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Nostalgic but Motivating: Marky Mark Workout

Now he is known as Mark Wahlberg and starring in movies like the upcoming thriller "The Departed". More than 10 years ago he was a rapper, called Marky Mark, and an underwear model of Calvin Klein. And Marky even made a workout video showing the exercises how he was building up his muscles. Here two short clips, biceps curls and stretching:

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Tyler: Squats - One Arm Pushups - Nutrition

It's always good to see when a bodybuilder is working out his legs as intensively as his other body parts. In the video you see Tyler performing squats. Moreover one arm pushups! And Tyler explains his nutrition:
"I eat about 5 small meals a day, mostly sandwiches like tuno, turkey, chicken, steak. I eat lots of fruits and veggies.

And I try to drink a protein drink in between meals about 2 times a day. Also I drink 8 - 10 tall glasses of water a day. "

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Sean Susini: Real Workout (2)

Sean's next hits are about to happen: The 20-year-old natural bodybuilder is thinking about a movie script which has been offered to him. The writer wants him to take the part of a fighter. Moreover Sean is preparing for the INBF NaturalMania that will be held in New York on September 23th. His fans keep their fingers crossed for him.

Here is part 2 of the best shots of Sean's workout DVD from RealworkoutsInc:

Workout DVDs with Sean:

Sean Susini: Full-Body Workout on

Off Season Workout on his homepage I'll soon report about this DVD more in detail here on WorkoutInspiration. Click here to view a trailer.

More material about Sean Susini:
Many high-quality photos and videos
Yahoo fan group

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Motivation Pics

The Best Workout Guides

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From now on I have a shorter address:
You can use both: and
I'm glad when you visit this blog again!

Photo: Jay from Allamericanguys

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Tyler: Eightpack

Tyler Southwick has no sixpack. He has an eightpack. Incredible. Abs are one of the most admired but also one of the most difficult muscle groups. In this video you see Tyler doing situps. Moreover: curl exercises for biceps and triceps pull-downs.

The Best Workout Guides


Sean Susini: Real Workout (1)

Unprecedented: Sean Susini has won the Hercules International competition four times in a row. Now he's 20 years old, and his bodybuilding career continues. The latest highlight: Sean is featured in the October issue of the big fitness magazine Men's Exercise. There the natural bodybuilder from New Jersey demonstrates exercises for an impressive V-taper.

The photos here are from the workout DVD which was produced by RealworkoutsInc. shortly after Sean had won the Hercules International in 2003.

Workout DVDs with Sean:

Sean Susini: Full-Body Workout on

Off Season Workout on his homepage I'll soon report about this DVD more in detail here on WorkoutInspiration. Click here to view a trailer.

More material about Sean Susini:
Many high-quality photos and videos
Yahoo fan group

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Tyler: Bodyweight Rows - Bar Dips

Two exercises of Tyler Southwick, of course outstanding like always: bodyweight rows and bar dips, which will be concluded by a one-handed pullup.

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Paul Tornabene: Every Day Something New

Paul's day must have more than 24 hours. The man is pretty busy: Finishing up school, just a couple of shoots in New York for magazines and for the cover of a book, and right now a shooting of new workout videos for Allamericanguys. Paul enjoys all that: "I'm an active person. I like it when there's every day something new."

Workout routine: Mixing up

Paul Tornabene, 24 years old, was born and raised in Suffolk County, on Long Island, NY. In High School he started weight training with a focus on increasing his athletic ability. Once he began college, he dedicated his free time to keeping a high level of fitness, and trying to maintain peak athletic conditioning.

"As part of my regimen, I maintain a steady and healthy diet, and exercise 6 days a week. 5 days of lifting, 1 or 2 body parts a day, and one day of cardio and plyometrics to increase speed and explosiveness. As a general rule of training, I try to mix up the order and types of exercises I do, in order to keep my body guessing and maintain the effectiveness of my workouts." Also regarding his training: every day something new.

The success of Paul's philosophy is shown by his stunning physique: no fat, only muscles, perfect definiton, and all that absolutely natural and aesthetic. That's Paul the hunk, who has been modeling for Teen Muscle Guys, Bbpics, AAG and many more. His outstanding photos are posted all over the net.

From weight lifting to boxing

Paul spends a lot of time in the gym. But workout is not his only sport. On the contrary. The number of sports he does is pretty big: hockey, football, wrestling, martial arts fighting, kick boxing. And the list is even longer. Moreover he does personal training.

Parties, police, people

Besides all that Paul enjoys life like a boy next door. He is witty and spontaneous. He likes to hang out with friends, to go to parties and to chill. Everyday something different.

This is true for his future job too. Paul has applied for the police academy and intends to work in a police department. But there he doesn't aspire to a desk job for the rest of his life. Paul wants an active job: "I like to go out, to talk with people, to interact with people, to do many different things. This keeps me young." No doubt Paul is full of youth and joy of life. In this respect you can't imagine anything different when thinking of Paul.

Paul's stats:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185
Chest: 41

Favorite sport: Football

Special thanks to Allamericanguys who have placed their great photos and videos at my disposal.

Workout DVD with Paul Tornabene: Varsity Muscle Workout #3 on

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Andrew Aponick: Real Workout

Andrew's workout DVD: Varsity Muscle Workout #2 on RealworkoutsInc.

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Andrew P: A Rising Allamerican Star

It's breathtaking when Andrew is doing pushups and flexing afterwards. Breathtaking not only for him, but also for everyone who's watching his exercise. It's not easy to count his big number of quick repetitions. "I'm a hard working person", Andrew says while puffing.

Andrew was discovered by AAG at Gold's Gym where he's always working out. He enjoys all exercises: "My favorite bodypart is different all the time. One week I like to work on my triceps and chest, and then the next week I like to work on my back. I always try to work on my abs a little bit."

Andrew has some jobs, goes to school and has a girlfriend. In the rest of his time he's working out in a gym. And workout is less hard for him than such an interview in front of a camera, he explains. "I'm shy. I don't look at myself very often. I don't like to be cocky", Andrew says with a reserved smile. And that's the reason why he's so likable while becoming a great fitness model.

High quality photos and videos featuring Andrew P on

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Hottest Female Bodybuilder Pictures Gallery

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